Title Year
Full-time Students and Part-Time Paid Employment in South Essex Learners Views 2003
An Independent Evaluation of the ESF Extended New Deal (END) Project. 2003
LSC Norfolk Learner Feedback Research Literature Review 2003
An Evaluation of the Norfolk Learning Partnership Focus Group and Qualitative Research Training Initiative 2003
HEFCE Restructuring and Collaboration Project 2003
Mapping IT courses in the South Essex Learning Partnership Area 2003
Research into HE Student Experience at City College Norwich 2003
The HE in FE Training and Support Programme 2003
The Future of Higher Education 2003
Vocational higher education does it meet employers needs? 2003
Policy on local provision of HE with partner FECs 2003
Supporting higher education in further education colleges A guide for tutors and lecturers 2003
Supporting higher education in Further education colleges Policy, practice and prospects 2003
HE in FE and scholarly activity – a discussion paper 2003
Developing an HE culture in FE 2003
Learning from higher education in further education colleges in England 2003
Difference, diversity and distinctiveness Higher education in the learning and skills sector 2003
'The Times They Are A-Changing': A discussion of the merits of Higher Education Institutions creating links with Further Education Partner Colleges 2003
An Independent Evaluation of the LSC Level 2 Local Initiative Fund Parents as Edcuators and CLAIT Plus Project 2003
Learning and Skills Development Agency Research and Development Toolkit Evaluation 2003
Mass Higher Education and the English: Wherein the Colleges? 2003