Title Year
Closed consultation: Improving terms and conditions
Closed consultation: Business broadband review: call for evidence
Closed consultation: Damages for breaches of competition law: implementing the EU directive
Open consultation: Developing black and minority ethnic talent: issues faced by businesses - McGregor-Smith review
Closed consultation: Research Excellence Framework review: call for evidence
Closed consultation: National Innovation Plan: call for ideas
Closed consultation: Closed recruitment practices in the public sector
Closed consultation: Tips, gratuities, cover and service charges: proposals for further action
Closed consultation: Property ownership and public contracting by foreign companies: improving transparency
Closed consultation: Land Registry: moving operations to the private sector
Closed consultation: Further education maintenance loans (technical and professional education)
Closed consultation: Protections for small and micro businesses in non-regulated sectors
Closed consultation: Non-Financial Reporting Directive: UK implementation
Closed consultation: Business impact target, growth duty and Small Business Appeals Champion
Closed consultation: Accelerated courses and switching university or degree: call for evidence
Closed consultation: Developing an insolvency regime for the further education and sixth-form sector
Open consultation: Driverless vehicle testing facilities: call for evidence
Closed consultation: Non-compete clauses: call for evidence
Closed consultation: A Review of the Corporate Insolvency Framework
Closed consultation: UK competition regime: options for further reform
Closed consultation: Improving the consumer landscape and quicker switching: call for evidence
Closed consultation: Teaching Excellence Framework: year 2 - technical consultation
Innovation through technology funding call
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