Title Year
The SOUL (Soft Outcomes Universal Learning) Project 2006
Employer Engagement in the Design, Development and Delivery of Foundation Degrees in the Eastern Region Phase 1 Report 2006
HE in FE: the widening partcipation agenda a case study of City College Norwich 2006
Evaluation of the League for Learning Self-Regulation Pilot Project 2006
Foundation Degree Forward: A Comparative Study of Foundation Degree Development and Experience in the Public and Private Sectors 2006
Investigating the use of the SOUL Record within the East Mentoring Forum 2006
Developing a Business/Learning Interface 2006
Evaluation of the JISC Regional E-Learning Pilot Projects around Distributed E-Learning 'ESWAP' 2006
The QUINORA Project - International Assurance Programme in Vocational Orientation (Phase I) 2006
A Review of Innovative National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Assessment Techniques 2006
A Guide of Best Practice for Classroom Observation in Initial Teacher Training in the Learning and Skills Sector 2006
Bedford College and Dunstable College Improving Initial Teacher Training Observation Practice 2006
Improving Teaching Observation Practice in the Learning and Skills Sector: A Literature Review 2006
Improving Teaching Observation Practice in the Learning and Skills Sector 2006
Regional E-Learning Pilot around Distributed E-Learning 'ESWAP' Synthesis Report 2006
Sharing of sub-module eLearning materials across the regional collaboration 2006
An Independent Evaluation of the Raising Aspirations Co-ordination Project (Novemeber 2004 - March 2006) 2006
An Independent Evaluation of the Norfolk Learning Communities Network 2005/2006 2006
An Independent Evaluation of the Norfolk Learning Partnership (NLP) 2006
Employers Guide to Qualifications 2006
eL-CID: e-Learning by Communicating Iterative Development Phase II 2006
Plagiarism Detection, Practice and Policy: An Evaluation of the use of JISC 'Turnitin' software for HE student assignments 2006
HE in FE After Foster 2006
Leitch Review of Skills Prosperity for all in the global economy – world class skills 2006
Scoping the Duals 2006
Policy-Participation Trajectories in English Higher Education 2006
The English Experiment 2006
AoC/HEFCE Conference ‘HE in FE: Policy and Prospects’ 2006
Learning from HE in FECs in England 2003-05 Sharing good practice 2006
Higher education in further education colleges in England Statistical bulletin 2005-06 2006
HEFCE review of higher education in further education colleges 2006
Higher education in Further Education Colleges Consultation on HEFCE Policy 2006
The Role of the Regional Further Education Colleges in Delivering HE in the East of England 2006
Higher Education in Further Education Scoping Study and Literature Review 2006
A Higher Education Ethos – A review of information and literature relating to the creation of man ethos of HE in the context of FE 2006
A Comparative Study of the Leadership, Governance and Management (LGM) Issues of three FE/HE Partnerships 2006
Scholarly activity in the context of HE in FE 2006
HE in FE Case Study Plagiarism Detection, Practice and Policy 2006
Quality Improvement Projects Spreading Good Internal Practice Eastern Region Project 2006