Project Reports

Title Year
Developing Indicators of Distance Travelled for the NSF programme Unknown
Review of the implementation and impacts of the 14-19 Diplomas 2011
Reviewing the structure and effectiveness of HE resources on Blackboard 2011
The Well Versed pilot project: An investigation into developing a bespoke qualification for poets working in schools 2011
Action Research projects: Enabling access to effective mentor support 2010
Using The SOUL Record™ to enable access to effective mentoring 2010
Delivery of efffective mentoring through the investigation of the coordination and quality assurance of mentor support for ITE trainees 2010
Enabling access to effective mentoring support for trainee teachers of numeracy 2010
Evaluating e-mentoring for initial teacher trainees 2010
Assessing Mentoring 2010
The personalisation project at City College Norwich a vignette of case studies 2010
A review of Return on Investment (RoI) models and use within public sector organisations 2010
Changes in organisational culture A case study within a mixed economy college 2010
The Dutch structure for recognition of prior learning and practical examples of the process 2010
The SOUL Record in action: case study examples 2009
The perceptions and attitudes of academic staff within a research intensive university towards public engagement 2009
el-CID: e-learning by Communicating Iterative Development 2009
Stakeholder perspectives on Higher Nationals and Foundation degrees 2009
Experiences of HE:FE mentoring 2009
Stakeholder perspectives on Higher Nationals and Foundation degrees at City College Norwich 2008
A qualitative baseline report on the perceptions of public engagement in University of East Anglia academic staff 2008
Evaluation of the Aimhigher pilot project to provide a seamless vocational route from 14 to HE with enhanced student support 2008
Independent Evaluation of the Re-form Project 2008
A review of equality and diversity practice within a sample group of grade 1 Further Education Colleges 2008
Economic Contribution of City College Norwich 2008
The QUINORA Project International Quality Assurance Programme in Vocational Orientation Evaluation Report 2007
Disability Disclosure Rates at City College Norwich 2007
Employer Engagement in the Delivery and Development of Foundation Degrees 2007
HE in FE - Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) funded projects 2007
A qualitative retrospective and prospective study into the effect of Aimhigher activities in the East of England 2007
Positioning Themselves: An Exploration of the Nature and Meaning of Transitions in the Context of Dual Sector FE/HE Institutions in England 2007
HE in FE Repository Project 2007
Evaluation of the Vulnerable and Intimidated Witness Outreach Service 2007
Progression into vocational HE in Health and Social Care 2007
Higher Education Advice for Students with Disabilities 2007
Positioning Themselves Higher education and 'dual sector' institutions exploring the nature and meaning of transitions in FE/HE institutions in England 2007
Evaluation of the College/School Peer Review Pilot Project 2007
The HELP CETL information series No. 3 Research and Evaluation 2007
Graduate Underemployment Project 2007
Employing Graduates in Norfolk A Guide for new and prospective graduate employers 2007