HEA Research Workshops Phase II

It has been highlighted by several agencies / organisations that there is a need for improving the skills of individuals’ capabilities and activities regarding scholarly activity within the HE in FE sector. Therefore, a need exists within the FE sector for the organisation, development and delivery of a training workshop that addresses these issues by providing relevant staff within institutions with the appropriate training after which they will have the capabilities to develop and promote their own practices.

Therefore, the aim of the proposed workshop/s will seek to address this issue by providing training and access to specialists in sessions delivered throughout a one day workshop that covers the main areas and issues that would be encountered during scholarly / research activities by an academic practitioner. The objective of each session is to establish a best practice approach that can then be used as benchmark examples by those attending after they have returned to their individual institutions where they can share and cascade these practices within the institutions.
The Research centre was tasked by The Higher Education Academy last year to co-ordinate, develop and run three events in the north, midlands and south of England. These events were very successful and the Higher Education Academy has now funded Phase II which will see and additional 5 events over the coming year.