SOUL Record update

City College Norwich is in the process of updating the SOUL Record © into an online subscription programme. This will enable us to manage the site, giving users news and annual adaptations, offering online training and evaluation/feedback opportunities. The site is currently disabled as the conversion takes place and we aim to launch the SOUL Record © from early 2014. All registered users will be contacted prior to this date but if, in the meantime, you have any concerns or questions please email

Please note that once the SOUL Record goes online, all previous versions will become obsolete but continue under the copyright held by City College Norwich and Voluntary Norfolk.

The SOUL Record ® was first published in 2008 and updated versions were published in 2011 (Version 2) and 2012 (Version 3). All copyright in these and subsequent versions of The SOUL Record ® is and will be owned by City College Norwich and Voluntary Norfolk. The reproduction, adaptation, amendment or transmission of all or part of The SOUL Record ®, including by photocopying or downloading or storing in any medium by electronic means or otherwise, without the written permission of City College Norwich and Voluntary Norfolk, is prohibited, and the commission of any such unauthorised act in relation to The SOUL Record ® may result in civil or criminal actions being taken.