Research Workshops - Dates and venues

On behalf of the Higher Education Academy, Angus Carpenter (Research Centre Manager, City College Norwich) and Becky Turner (HELP CETL, University of Plymouth) have organised a further two, one-day events to support practitioners to engage with scholarly activity and research, and provide managers with information and systems that they may need to manage scholarly activity / research within an FEC.  

These events will address key issues for both practitioners and managers within FECs involved with research / scholarly activity, such as:

i. the meaning of scholarly activity/research and how to build a research ethos;

ii. the key research processes, including research design/dissemination;

iii. making funding applications;

iv. key resources to support their engagement with scholarly activity;

v. considerations for and management of scholarly activity/research within an FEC;

vi. institutional impacts from Scholarly Activity / research.


The workshops will take place on:

 — 25 March 2010 at Engineering CETL, Loughborough University

 — 11 June 2010 at City of Bristol College, Ashley Down Centre

For further details visit and booking form:  or contact Sara Bath