ACER HE in FE Network 2 February 2010 (9.30 refreshments available; 10am start; lunch at 12.30)


The following information has been circulated by Acer:

Dear Colleague – as you know, the next date for the ACER HE in FE Network is 2 February (9.30 refreshments available; 10am start; lunch at 12.30). This email is to both remind you of this date and update you on our latest plans to reinvigorate the forum.

In brief – here are the main points:

  1. Recent meetings have not been well-attended and the last one was cancelled. It is possible that one reason for poor attendance is that the agenda was not interesting and/or relevant enough for members
  2. You are all very busy – and there are so many HE/research - either engagement with or management of - related meetings to attend. These include the HE in FE forum; the ELSRN; the research group of the EECETT; research-related aspects of the ACER teacher education forum, etc. We would like to bring these together into one meeting to reduce the demands on your time among other benefits to be had from an increased momentum, such as greater opportunities for networking, sharing ideas/knowledge and practices to name just a few.
  3. In order to achieve this, we would like to propose the following approach:
    • To hold four meetings a year – one being a regional conference – for folk interested in/involved with the areas listed under point 2 above. We have the 2 February already booked and an second date has been set for 30 April, so please note this in your diaries. We would like this to take place in a college, so please let us know if you are willing to host this by email or at the meeting on 2 February.
    • To hold them over a day (10.30am – 3.30pm) to allow time for nationally- and regionally-relevant inputs, discussion, networking, CPD, action research, seeking bids and funding opportunities, etc
    • Debate the merits of inviting a wider audience –eg- HEIs’ educational research groups to improve partnerships and sharing of information  
    • To provide members with a Moodle or similar so ideas can be shared on an ongoing basis and a community forum set up
    • To provide members with CPD certificates for their own CPD requirements (IfL etc)
    • To hold alternative meetings on college premises (at least two of the four meetings to be in colleges)
    • To hold an annual, regional conference at a suitable venue – the theme of which will be discussed
    • To provide courses in, for example, bid writing/funding and research methodologies
    • To involve/include other organisations/topics –eg- :
      • IQER; NTFS; SOUL record, etc
  1. The meeting on 2 February includes time to discuss these ideas and develop a strategy for moving forward. The draft agenda is as follows:
    • Invited speaker: Becky Turner from the HELP CETL, University of Plymouth – to discuss how the HEI-FEC partnership works there and how they support individuals directly within the FECs to engage in research and the impact.
    • Funding opportunities
    • Information exchange – an update from members
    • Discussion on the issues raised in point 3 and forward planning – plus discussion about the title of the network

Thank you for taking the time to read such a long message. In brief, I would be grateful if you could:
1.                   Let me know if you are able to attend the meeting on 2 February to be held at ACER  
2.                   Bring ideas/latest news for the information exchange
3.                   Give some thought to the proposals in point 3 so we can discuss them
4.         Nominate your college to host the meeting on the 30 April (Sheila Kearney, LSIS research manager, is the invited speaker)
I look forward to seeing you on 2 February. A final agenda will be sent to you in the near future.
Best wishes