Volume 4 Number 1

Roz Mazey
January 2006


Title Author Page
Editors Comments Roz Mazey 2
Evaluation of the 'Taking It On' Campaign: Raising the Aspirations of People over 50 Harriet Foster and Wendy Tou 5
Achievement of Ethnic Minority Groups in Further Education at City College Norwich Harriet Foster and Claire Willemstyn 13
The SOUL Record - A New Tool for Measuring Soft Outcomes Clayton Anderson, Harriet Foster and Jenny McKibben 20
Miànzi, Kèqi and Xiào: Insights into The Chinese Business Psyche Andrew M. Willliamson 26
Exploring Effective Leader-Led Relations in Teaching Practitioners and Learning/Classroom Assistants Vicki Hingley 36
Enhancing FE to He Progression Anne Aves 42
Employer and Student Perceptions of Higher Education and Foundation Degrees Nadia Chelbi 50
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