Volume 3 Number 1

Roz Mazey
January 2005


Title Author Page
Editors Comments Roz Mazey 2
Classroom practice with 14 year olds in the FE context Ruth Webb 5
using action research to investigate current lecturers' skills demand Vicki Hingley 11
Research Learning and Teaching Part 1: Theoretical aspects of reflection in learning and teaching Brenda Unwin 17
Research Learning and Teaching Part 2: Applying reflection to art teaching and learning Brenda Unwin 23
Business innovation and support services in the FE sector Helen Durrant 29
Individual study and presentation: Innovation and change Henk Bruggeman 35
What's it worth? Valuing and validating the skills and experience of the voluntary sector Kate Paine   39
Soft Outcomes Universal Learning Brian Butcher and Lee Marsden 45
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