Volume 2 Number 3

Roz Mazey
June 2004


Title Author Page
Editors Comments Roz Mazey 2
Towards a shared ethos: The next leg of the voyage Ruth Webb 5
Interviewing as a research method John Cockburn 11
Retention and achievement: Making a difference for NVQ's Karen Castle 17
Do you want to learn or shall I just push you through? Vocational assessment at the crossroads Chris Devereux 23
Measuring soft outcomes: A literature review Brian Butcher and Lee Marsden 31
Raising aspirations to learn: A literature review for the Norfolk Learning Partnership Roz Mazey and Brian Maples 39
"The personal life is dead, history has killed it" (Pastemak, Doctor Zhivago). To what extent do the authors of 'Disgrace' and 'Oranges are nit the only fruit' believe this to be true, and which strategies do they use to demonstrate this? Hayley Ross 45
Who is to blame? What is the truth of it? Could it be otherwise? How are these questions answered in John Barton's 'Tantalus' Angela Marshall 49
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