Volume 2 Number 2

Roz Mazey
January 2004


Title Author Page
Editors Comments Roz Mazey 2
Young mothers' lives: The wider benefits of community-based learning Charlotte Desira 5
Working towards an inclusive education for adults of all races in the Norwich and Norfolk area Antonella Parker-Hall 11
Student and employer perceptions of Higher Education at City College Norwich Kate Paine 15
Using ICTL for teaching and learning: An emerging curricular model Tina Yates 19
Towards a shared ethos: Setting out on a voyage of discovery Ruth Webb 23
An examination of the performance enhancement programme (PEP) as a management tool to motivate the faculty at a Middle Eastern FE Diane Evans 27
Implementing the vision: The role of senior lecturers as first-line managers in a mixed economy college Anne Aves 31
Developing a typology: A response to analysing disparate qualitative data Angela Steward 37
Case study of a PGCE student: A personal account of professional development Claire Matthews 41
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