Volume 1 Number 1

December 2001


Title   Author   Page
Editors Comments   Charlotte Desira       2
The Research Centre at City College Norwich   Professor Rob Fiddy       3
How important is it for the teaching profession as a whole, that teachers' motivations be better understood and their needs fully met?   Elizabeth Martyn       5
"I want to break the chain" - Young womens's experiences of education and motherhood in Great yarmouth   Julie Cawthorne       8
gender imbalance in Participation and Achievement in FE in the SELP (South Essex learning Partnership) Area   Tim Chapman      11
What conditions do students need to begin to become reflective practitioners?   Ruth Webb      15
The utility of deep ecology principles in the development of sustainability in the Western Himalayas   Robert Cook      18
Anarchists and Arbitration   Michael Nash      22
Resolving the issues relating to early leavers through induction: A case study of process workers at Bernard Matthews   Liz Howard      25
The voluntary sector continuing professional development research project   Suzanne Crouch      28
An investigation into the work related learning initiative   Karen Williamson      32
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